Why choose artificial turf

My husband loves to garden. He can spend whole days outside in the garden and plant the most beautiful plants in the right places with his green fingers. I don’t know how he gets it done over and over again, but our garden always looks radiant. Except for our grass. The grass is an eyesore. Firstly, because the many warm summers cause more and more bare, dried out spots, secondly, because the moles make their way through our lawn and leave those nasty little heaps behind. Looking for ways to do something about this, we thought that installing artificial turf might be something for us. The idea of ​​artificial grass always gave me the feeling of ‘fake’ grass. But nowadays it is almost indistinguishable from real grass. We took the bull by the horns and decided that buying artificial grass has enough advantages to give this grass the benefit of the doubt.

Laying artificial grass

After purchasing the artificial turf, my husband’s fingers were naturally itching to get started. Laying the grass was done in several steps. First, the old grass was removed and the ground leveled as much as possible. After leveling, he applied a sand layer of about 10 cm after which it was watered in and leveled out. The latter had to be done properly because the artificial turf molds itself to the substrate. So far everything went fine and in good spirits he continued with the next step, laying the stabilization canvas. He has secured the corners of the canvas with an artificial grass hook, so that the roots or weeds do not get through and that no dents will appear in the artificial grass later when using them. Finally, the moment came when he was allowed to lay the artificial turf. The surface of our garden is 10 by 4 meters and the roll we bought was exactly these dimensions. Fortunately, because if the garden was narrower or larger, then of course some cutting and pasting was needed. Finally, he secured the artificial turf with special hooks that he hammered into the turf every 50 cm along the edges. Mission succeeded.

The benefits of artificial turf

We enjoy it every day since the construction of the artificial turf. It looks wonderfully green in the garden and the artificial grass is very maintenance-friendly. You hardly have to worry about it. Every now and then we remove some leaves, but that’s it. Moreover, we no longer suffer from those annoying molehills. I think artificial turf is also very environmentally friendly, because it never needs mowing or spraying. During the summer months our grass has remained very beautiful, no bare spots and also not discolored, despite the swimming pool for the children being on it. According to the producer, weather conditions should not play any role. Even during the winter months with prolonged frost, artificial grass will not be damaged, we are promised. That means that the artificial grass is also durable.

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