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What to do in uncertain times

One thing is certain: these are uncertain times. People with fragile health are extra careful, those with a job wonder whether they will keep it and entrepreneurs are afraid of going bankrupt. We are concerned about our own health and financial situation, as well as that of our loved ones. And governments are concerned about the same things and are trying to make the best possible choices about the measures for the corona crisis. Because of this situation we suddenly see very well that it has an effect on the other: the less freedom of movement we have, the more effect this has on the economy and perhaps also on our health. And on a larger scale, we see that what happens in one country also has consequences in other countries. We are all connected and in a continuous game of give and take, action and reaction. No one can predict the future, not even a psychic. So all we can do is do our best. But some know better how to deal with uncertainty than others. Therefore, in this blog some tips to find something to hold on to during this period.

Change your mind

The first tip is to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do. It may be something out of your comfort zone, but it doesn’t have to. You may also choose a different place in the house to work. Something that gives you a new feeling and a new perspective on things. Just because we are all in this situation does not mean that it will last forever. Of course it is easier for some to talk than for others, but one of the characteristics of life is that nothing always stays the same. The only certainty we have is that everything is constantly changing. By making changes to your daily routine yourself, you learn to get used to new situations. You will notice that you can handle that perfectly and that it can even give you nice new experiences. It will give you a more secure feeling, because you learn to trust that if something in your situation changes outside of your control, you will not fall over, but that you will be able to deal with it.

Make contact

This is what I mean in the broadest sense of the word: make contact with the nice people around you, with yourself and with strangers. Give a smile to everyone who crosses your path when you go shopping, hear that sweet voice of your grandmother again on the phone and start the conversation with yourself. For example, ask yourself how you feel, what you would like and tell yourself that you look nice today. If you are very concerned about the future, take the step to call in psychics. You can easily make online contact with screened coaches who can give you advice that may benefit you through their gifts. You then kill two birds with one stone: you do something outside of your daily routine and speak to a stranger who senses what advice would help you. Give it a try to see if it does something for you. There are many ways to feel more confident in your shoes. Especially look at what makes you feel good. I hope this blog has helped you in that!

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