How do you keep your plants alive

In the garden, taking care of the plants and the grass can be very calming. Yet it is not always a simple task. Sometimes it just doesn’t work to keep those plants or flowers alive. No matter how hard you try to prevent death, time and time again it will not work. This can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know what keeps going wrong. To help you keep the plants alive, I have a number of tips for you here.

Think of the sunlight

With garden plants it is always important that there is enough sunlight available. Of course it differs per plant what exactly is enough sunlight. Some plants can actually do without it, but that is certainly not always the case. Usually this information is on the card with the plants. If not, you can always ask for advice or look up the information online. As soon as you know how much sunlight a plant needs, it is time to check whether the location of the plants is correct. A good tip is to divide the garden into compartments and see how much sunlight each compartment receives per day. After keeping this up for a week you can estimate a reasonable average. A camera is of course a smart idea.

Find information about the specific plant

Often people water all the plants at the same time, but that is not always convenient. Just as every plant has different requirements in terms of sunlight, the amount of nutrition and water also differs. Only when you know which conditions are best for each plant can you take good care of it. Therefore, search online for each plant how you can best care for it. Ultimately, there is a lot to consider when looking after plants, and without reading this somewhere you really can’t know.

Keep harmful insects at bay

A large part of the plants and flowers are affected by annoying insects. For example, the roots in the soil are eaten or eggs are laid. Unseen, this can be the cause of plants that keep dying. Fortunately, there are natural means to prevent these types of insects, such as nematodes. Small worms, also called nematodes, attack the larvae of nasty insects and thus protect the plants. In addition, it can also work against mosquitoes. For example, try nematodes mourning fly to prevent insects in a natural way.

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