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How do I entertain the kids?

The children can finally go back to school! But not everything is open yet, so it remains quite difficult to entertain the children. Is your inspiration and that of the children gone? Here we share a number of fun things you can do with the kids.

Football tournament

It is almost June, so that means many more beautiful days! Time to go outside. Organize a football tournament for all neighbor kids, boyfriends and girlfriends. Let them assemble their own team. Maybe you can play referee so that everything is fair. Buy a nice prize for the winner and make it a fun and enjoyable day.


Is the weather a bit worse outside? Save the animal dolls from Schleich. This is a company that was set up after the second world and the dolls always remain a fad. Thus, you can pass it on from generation to generation. In addition, the children can save manges, farms and dragons castles that will keep them entertained for hours.

Paint T-shirts yourself

How nice is it to be able to wear a self-made t-shirt to school again? Buy some cheap t-shirts and get textile paint or markers at the Hema of Action and get creative with the kids for an afternoon.

To bake cookies

What could be more relaxing and delicious than an afternoon of baking cookies? Let the kids choose a recipe and get the things at home to get started as a pastry chef.


Is it bad weather for a day and are you both free? Keep your pajamas on and do nothing at all for a day. Just watch the kids their favorite movie or series on Netflix.

Old-fashioned board games

Although children often sit behind consoles to play a game, an old-fashioned board game is still the most fun to do together. Take the board games out of the closet and play fanatically against each other all afternoon!


Another activity that is so relaxing for the mind. Buy a puzzle from a toy store with an impressive plate and start puzzling together. Did you know that there is also a Dutch Puzzle Championship? Who knows, you can practice for that.

Create your own museum

Get creative, for example by claying figurines and making paintings. After a while of saving from these kinds of artworks, you can start your own museum.

Have the children put on a play

Don’t have that much time to entertain the kids? Ask if they’d like to prepare a play to perform to mom and dad at the end of the day! This way the kids are sweet for a while.

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