Do odd jobs and learn new things!

Recently I became the proud owner of a new home. You can hardly imagine it in these times, but we finally managed to find a new home. Incidentally, it is not my first home. We are a bit bigger and live more in the countryside. That way we have a little more rest in our free time. Yet we live close enough to work and to the city. Now that the time has finally come, the house needs a lot of refurbishment. That is the first time for me because the first house I bought was a new-build house. There was really not much to be done about that anymore. Only the walls had to be painted and a floor had to be laid in it (I didn’t do that myself either).

New things

Since it is the first time that I am going to renovate a house, I thought it would be wise to hire a contractor. There are a lot of things that I don’t know how to make or modernize. I have decided to do more than at my first house. I also think it would be nice to learn to do things better. Because I am curious, I ask the contractor to listen. That way I get to know a lot of new terms that I had never heard about until then. Take the tipper, for example. Do you have an idea what that is? I will try to explain it to you as it has also been explained to me: a tipper is a vehicle with cargo space. There is a mechanism underneath this cargo space. This allows the cargo space to be brought from a horizontal position (ie when the landing is simply on the vehicle) to an inclined position and the cargo to slide out of the cargo area.

What do you need for?

Now you may be wondering what we need this tipper for? Well that is very easy to explain. We want to build a new gravel path. For this, new gravel must first be deposited. By using a tipper, we don’t have to manually scoop everything out of a truck. That saves a lot of work. After that, the intention is that we only have to divide everything over the path. So it is great fun to be so involved in a project. This way you learn something new every time!

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