Why choose artificial turf

My husband loves to garden. He can spend whole days outside in the garden and plant the most beautiful plants in the right places with his green fingers. I don’t know how he gets it done over and over again, but our garden always looks radiant. Except for our grass. The grass is an eyesore. Firstly, because the many warm summers cause more and more bare, dried out spots, secondly, because the moles make their way through our lawn and leave those nasty little heaps behind. Looking for ways to do something about this, we thought that installing artificial turf might be something for us. The idea of ​​artificial grass always gave me the feeling of ‘fake’ grass. But nowadays it is almost indistinguishable from real grass. We took the bull by the horns and decided that buying artificial grass has enough advantages to give this grass the benefit of the doubt.

Laying artificial grass

After purchasing the artificial turf, my husband’s fingers were naturally itching to get started. Laying the grass was done in several steps. First, the old grass was removed and the ground leveled as much as possible. After leveling, he applied a sand layer of about 10 cm after which it was watered in and leveled out. The latter had to be done properly because the artificial turf molds itself to the substrate. So far everything went fine and in good spirits he continued with the next step, laying the stabilization canvas. He has secured the corners of the canvas with an artificial grass hook, so that the roots or weeds do not get through and that no dents will appear in the artificial grass later when using them. Finally, the moment came when he was allowed to lay the artificial turf. The surface of our garden is 10 by 4 meters and the roll we bought was exactly these dimensions. Fortunately, because if the garden was narrower or larger, then of course some cutting and pasting was needed. Finally, he secured the artificial turf with special hooks that he hammered into the turf every 50 cm along the edges. Mission succeeded.

The benefits of artificial turf

We enjoy it every day since the construction of the artificial turf. It looks wonderfully green in the garden and the artificial grass is very maintenance-friendly. You hardly have to worry about it. Every now and then we remove some leaves, but that’s it. Moreover, we no longer suffer from those annoying molehills. I think artificial turf is also very environmentally friendly, because it never needs mowing or spraying. During the summer months our grass has remained very beautiful, no bare spots and also not discolored, despite the swimming pool for the children being on it. According to the producer, weather conditions should not play any role. Even during the winter months with prolonged frost, artificial grass will not be damaged, we are promised. That means that the artificial grass is also durable.


Do odd jobs and learn new things!

Recently I became the proud owner of a new home. You can hardly imagine it in these times, but we finally managed to find a new home. Incidentally, it is not my first home. We are a bit bigger and live more in the countryside. That way we have a little more rest in our free time. Yet we live close enough to work and to the city. Now that the time has finally come, the house needs a lot of refurbishment. That is the first time for me because the first house I bought was a new-build house. There was really not much to be done about that anymore. Only the walls had to be painted and a floor had to be laid in it (I didn’t do that myself either).

New things

Since it is the first time that I am going to renovate a house, I thought it would be wise to hire a contractor. There are a lot of things that I don’t know how to make or modernize. I have decided to do more than at my first house. I also think it would be nice to learn to do things better. Because I am curious, I ask the contractor to listen. That way I get to know a lot of new terms that I had never heard about until then. Take the tipper, for example. Do you have an idea what that is? I will try to explain it to you as it has also been explained to me: a tipper is a vehicle with cargo space. There is a mechanism underneath this cargo space. This allows the cargo space to be brought from a horizontal position (ie when the landing is simply on the vehicle) to an inclined position and the cargo to slide out of the cargo area.

What do you need for?

Now you may be wondering what we need this tipper for? Well that is very easy to explain. We want to build a new gravel path. For this, new gravel must first be deposited. By using a tipper, we don’t have to manually scoop everything out of a truck. That saves a lot of work. After that, the intention is that we only have to divide everything over the path. So it is great fun to be so involved in a project. This way you learn something new every time!


How do you keep your plants alive

In the garden, taking care of the plants and the grass can be very calming. Yet it is not always a simple task. Sometimes it just doesn’t work to keep those plants or flowers alive. No matter how hard you try to prevent death, time and time again it will not work. This can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know what keeps going wrong. To help you keep the plants alive, I have a number of tips for you here.

Think of the sunlight

With garden plants it is always important that there is enough sunlight available. Of course it differs per plant what exactly is enough sunlight. Some plants can actually do without it, but that is certainly not always the case. Usually this information is on the card with the plants. If not, you can always ask for advice or look up the information online. As soon as you know how much sunlight a plant needs, it is time to check whether the location of the plants is correct. A good tip is to divide the garden into compartments and see how much sunlight each compartment receives per day. After keeping this up for a week you can estimate a reasonable average. A camera is of course a smart idea.

Find information about the specific plant

Often people water all the plants at the same time, but that is not always convenient. Just as every plant has different requirements in terms of sunlight, the amount of nutrition and water also differs. Only when you know which conditions are best for each plant can you take good care of it. Therefore, search online for each plant how you can best care for it. Ultimately, there is a lot to consider when looking after plants, and without reading this somewhere you really can’t know.

Keep harmful insects at bay

A large part of the plants and flowers are affected by annoying insects. For example, the roots in the soil are eaten or eggs are laid. Unseen, this can be the cause of plants that keep dying. Fortunately, there are natural means to prevent these types of insects, such as nematodes. Small worms, also called nematodes, attack the larvae of nasty insects and thus protect the plants. In addition, it can also work against mosquitoes. For example, try nematodes mourning fly to prevent insects in a natural way.


Enjoy your garden for longer

Now that the cold winter days give way to sun rays and higher temperatures, the garden can be enjoyed again. That is, if it is ready for this. You can’t start early enough to prepare your garden for the balmy summer evenings. Everyone has a different taste, but one thing is certain: you want to be able to sit in the garden for as long as possible. How do you do that? Read it here in this blog.

Comfortable dining with quality garden furniture

Can’t you wait until you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside again? However you enjoy eating outside, you need quality garden furniture. Of course you want to be able to continue to enjoy the weather for as long as possible, and this is best done with garden furniture that is comfortable to use.

If you notice that your garden furniture needs to be replaced, you can choose to purchase new ones. The Corona measures that were in force in recent months made it more difficult to go to the garden center for your new garden furniture. Fortunately, you can also arrange all kinds of things online. This way you can easily go online order garden chairs which are then also delivered to your home. This saves you a lot of stress and you can easily enjoy the beautiful weather that the summer months offer for longer.

Place a nice patio heater in the garden

The moment you can go outside again, we Dutch can no longer be kept away from the terraces and cozy spots. Wherever we come and go, we seek out other people’s cosiness. But of course you don’t have to leave the house completely to enjoy a cozy environment!

If you like to have a nice long after-sitting at the dining table on warm summer evenings, it can be moved outside. But what do you do when it suddenly gets too chilly to sit outside?

Then you just turn on a patio heater! Now you may be thinking: “where can I go buy patio heaters? ” Well, that is great at Tuinland. Here you will find a wide range of beautiful patio heaters. It is more than worth the investment because you and your partner or family can use the garden for longer.

Inviting guests is no longer a problem when you have installed a patio heater. Enjoy a nice day with a glass of wine in hand and make warm memories with your patio heater.


Gloednieuw jaar, nieuw van binnen!

Met het nieuwe jaar komen ook de goede voornemens voor het nieuwe jaar. Het is waar dat we eigenlijk al een tijdje in het splinternieuwe jaar zitten, maar toch heeft deze blog te maken met het maken van keuzes en het weer zelf leren kennen tijdens het maken ervan. Lees op deze blogsite meer over hoe ik dit jaar echt voor mezelf ben gebleven en hoe ik mijn leven heb opgewaardeerd!

De start

Als u van plan bent iets aan uzelf te veranderen, moet u ook de omgeving aanpassen waarin u zich bevindt. Met het nieuwe jaar komen ook gloednieuwe patronen en ook gezwellen. De laatste tijd ben ik eigenlijk veel meer gaan nadenken over interieurontwerp, dus dit is waar ik me dit jaar op wilde concentreren.

Om te beginnen wilde ik mijn hele interieur veranderen. Ik had een nogal moderne binnenkant, niet altijd Scandinavisch, maar eigentijds. Herken je dat je van plan bent je cadeau van binnen helemaal van je af te schudden? Ik had dat erg slecht met mijn huis. Daarom wenste ik een make-over om het jaar goed te beginnen. Maar wat zijn de meest up-to-date rages in stijl?

Heet & plaatsvindt

Als je het meest recente nieuws op het gebied van interieurstyling moet geloven, zijn de landelijke, Scandinavische en industriële binnenkant nog steeds onafscheidelijk van het bestaande binnenlandschap. Ik verlangde naar iets anders, dus ik ging op zoek naar iets anders.

Van lichte kleuren in mijn moderne interieur, ben ik volledig getransformeerd naar een donkere en stijlvolle levende rage. Hier komen volledig natuurlijke vormen, producten en ook diepe kleuren tot hun recht. Precies waar dit jaar in mijn situatie het belangrijkste voor is.

In mijn bestaande interieur zul je gebroken wit met lotionwit en pastelbeige niet snel meer ontdekken. Voor mij draait het dit jaar allemaal om aubergine, donkerblauw en andere componenten die voor een traditioneel tintje zorgen. Maar welke componenten zorgen hiervoor?

Het is gedaan in de details

Naast de meubels, kussens en ook tapijten was het ook nodig om mijn diverse andere accessoires een uitstekende opfrisbeurt te geven. Dat is precies hoe ik helemaal verliefd werd op het vloerspiegelpatroon. Helaas kon ik nergens in de winkels een geweldig duplicaat vinden.

Daarna begon ik het internet te bekijken en ontdekte ik Glassby vrijwel onmiddellijk. Het kopen van een op maat gemaakte spiegel bij Glassby is eigenlijk als een droom die tot leven komt. Ze leverden een geweldig luisterend oor dat tot uiting komt in het meer dan beste resultaat. Met mijn sfeervolle vloerspiegel zorg ik er toch voor dat er een beetje licht in mijn wat donkerdere binnenkant komt. Dat is precies hoe ik de perfecte sfeer creëerde om met mezelf om te gaan!