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Looking for a software to collect parent contributions in an instant? Click here!

Schools have many different tasks on their plate. Of course, the primary goal is to provide the best quality lessons so that children are properly prepared for their further education. Collecting the voluntary parental contribution is not necessarily part of the primary process, but it is very important to be able to send children on a school trip or to purchase increasingly better and more developed educational materials. Unfortunately, this process is often time consuming and is more often ignored. But did you know that it can also be much easier? LinkPay school, for example, is one such party that automates the collection of contributions. This way, teachers, volunteers and others have their hands free to perform more tasks. You can read how this works here.

Create a payment request and determine how much you collect from parents

There are several ways you can choose to collect a parental contribution. For example, create a form and let parents choose how much they pay or give a discount on the second child enrolled at school. You can also choose to add multiple payment terms. This way you can collect payments spread throughout the school year. Keep in mind that there are more administration costs.

Deadlines are easily tracked

In these programs you can also determine when the deadlines are for payments. An automatic message is sent to the parents and one as a reminder if the payment has not yet been completed. You can prepare these assignments in advance and you will not have to worry about them for the rest of the year. Take into account the deadlines that are needed, such as just before a school trip, Sinterklaas or final party. This way you always receive the money on time.

Easy to communicate with parents

Of course you want to send the payment request in an effective way. This includes an appropriate tone of voice. The program offers various help tools to send the correct message. You also have the choice of how to send the message. Do you opt for a classic e-mail, but perhaps a Whatsapp message or SMS is more appropriate for the time? Maybe you want to send the first request via email and then a Whatsapp message or SMS as a reminder? It is all possible with a software that supports to collect parental contributions. Are you convinced or curious about this ultramodern software? Then surf quickly to the website of

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How do I entertain the kids?

The children can finally go back to school! But not everything is open yet, so it remains quite difficult to entertain the children. Is your inspiration and that of the children gone? Here we share a number of fun things you can do with the kids.

Football tournament

It is almost June, so that means many more beautiful days! Time to go outside. Organize a football tournament for all neighbor kids, boyfriends and girlfriends. Let them assemble their own team. Maybe you can play referee so that everything is fair. Buy a nice prize for the winner and make it a fun and enjoyable day.


Is the weather a bit worse outside? Save the animal dolls from Schleich. This is a company that was set up after the second world and the dolls always remain a fad. Thus, you can pass it on from generation to generation. In addition, the children can save manges, farms and dragons castles that will keep them entertained for hours.

Paint T-shirts yourself

How nice is it to be able to wear a self-made t-shirt to school again? Buy some cheap t-shirts and get textile paint or markers at the Hema of Action and get creative with the kids for an afternoon.

To bake cookies

What could be more relaxing and delicious than an afternoon of baking cookies? Let the kids choose a recipe and get the things at home to get started as a pastry chef.


Is it bad weather for a day and are you both free? Keep your pajamas on and do nothing at all for a day. Just watch the kids their favorite movie or series on Netflix.

Old-fashioned board games

Although children often sit behind consoles to play a game, an old-fashioned board game is still the most fun to do together. Take the board games out of the closet and play fanatically against each other all afternoon!


Another activity that is so relaxing for the mind. Buy a puzzle from a toy store with an impressive plate and start puzzling together. Did you know that there is also a Dutch Puzzle Championship? Who knows, you can practice for that.

Create your own museum

Get creative, for example by claying figurines and making paintings. After a while of saving from these kinds of artworks, you can start your own museum.

Have the children put on a play

Don’t have that much time to entertain the kids? Ask if they’d like to prepare a play to perform to mom and dad at the end of the day! This way the kids are sweet for a while.

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What to do in uncertain times

One thing is certain: these are uncertain times. People with fragile health are extra careful, those with a job wonder whether they will keep it and entrepreneurs are afraid of going bankrupt. We are concerned about our own health and financial situation, as well as that of our loved ones. And governments are concerned about the same things and are trying to make the best possible choices about the measures for the corona crisis. Because of this situation we suddenly see very well that it has an effect on the other: the less freedom of movement we have, the more effect this has on the economy and perhaps also on our health. And on a larger scale, we see that what happens in one country also has consequences in other countries. We are all connected and in a continuous game of give and take, action and reaction. No one can predict the future, not even a psychic. So all we can do is do our best. But some know better how to deal with uncertainty than others. Therefore, in this blog some tips to find something to hold on to during this period.

Change your mind

The first tip is to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do. It may be something out of your comfort zone, but it doesn’t have to. You may also choose a different place in the house to work. Something that gives you a new feeling and a new perspective on things. Just because we are all in this situation does not mean that it will last forever. Of course it is easier for some to talk than for others, but one of the characteristics of life is that nothing always stays the same. The only certainty we have is that everything is constantly changing. By making changes to your daily routine yourself, you learn to get used to new situations. You will notice that you can handle that perfectly and that it can even give you nice new experiences. It will give you a more secure feeling, because you learn to trust that if something in your situation changes outside of your control, you will not fall over, but that you will be able to deal with it.

Make contact

This is what I mean in the broadest sense of the word: make contact with the nice people around you, with yourself and with strangers. Give a smile to everyone who crosses your path when you go shopping, hear that sweet voice of your grandmother again on the phone and start the conversation with yourself. For example, ask yourself how you feel, what you would like and tell yourself that you look nice today. If you are very concerned about the future, take the step to call in psychics. You can easily make online contact with screened coaches who can give you advice that may benefit you through their gifts. You then kill two birds with one stone: you do something outside of your daily routine and speak to a stranger who senses what advice would help you. Give it a try to see if it does something for you. There are many ways to feel more confident in your shoes. Especially look at what makes you feel good. I hope this blog has helped you in that!

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4 things you can do when you are not going on vacation this summer

Nice that you ended up at CeesPlace. In this article, I’m going to share some ideas you could do in your free weeks. There are a number of things you can do, for example, that will allow your (perhaps unknown) creative brain to emerge completely. In addition, I will give you some nice tips on how you can shape the ideas so that you can get through these weeks!

Upgrade your house / room

How long has your house / room been looking the same? My experience is that giving your house a different look every so often can be very nice. You can of course fill this in as you wish. Do you want to improve some other furniture, a different layout or just practical things? You know power points that are never in the right place, just buy a few extension cords and reels and you will come a long way. Or improve your internet by installing different internet cables. When you are at home you can easily pick this up.

In addition, you can of course also take a much bigger approach. Consider, for example, renovating or extending your house or completely transforming your garden. Laying out a nice turf or replacing the fence for those chores that you can easily pick up on your day off.

Start painting

Maybe you have never thought about this before, but you can, for example, paint a portrait or a beautiful landscape. A nice idea to do is to draw something that suits your boyfriend or girlfriend completely, for example. In this drawing / painting then it becomes clear what you think is very nice and positive about that person.

It is also nice to go into nature with your canvas and easel and possibly paint animals or beautiful landscapes there.

Have a picnic together

You can of course also go outside and do nothing at all, pure enjoyment. Consider, for example, a picnic. Buy some tasty snacks and drinks and enjoy a picnic on a blanket in the park or on the beach. Don’t forget to bring some fun games such as a ball, skittles (to play pole football) or whatever you can think of! Make it as fun as you want and enjoy your free afternoon.

Hopefully you have some nice ideas and you will not get bored in your free weeks!

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Assemble a game PC: this is how you do it!

If you live in the house with teenagers, sooner or later the question will arise for a game PC. As parents, you can no longer avoid that. For today’s teenagers, games online are the equivalent of hanging out in the street in the past. All of our teenagers’ social life takes place online. That takes some getting used to for us parents from another generation. I myself had a lot of trouble with the idea that those games would someday come to my house. Don’t they incite violence? Won’t my kids become those strange nerds who don’t know how to really interact with people anymore? I’m not going to be the only parent with questions like that. But I will not be the only parent who notices that gaming prepares our youth for a life that is entirely focused on social media. The manners are different now, the friends’ club is online and so are the games they play together. You don’t want your child out there, so what are you doing? You consult with your son and of course he wants to put together his own game PC so that he can participate with his friends. And you will come along, because that is part of this time. So time for this important purchase.

Compiling a game PC: how do you do that?

My son wanted to put together a game PC himself. He had already figured out what that should look like. I didn’t want to stop him, but of course the budget was not inexhaustible. Yet it turned out to be useful to rely on my son’s knowledge. He had of course studied it thoroughly for many months. The budget was my limit and within that he was allowed to put together his game PC. As a total layman, I asked him what he paid attention to when purchasing. My son explained that it is very important that you know which games you were going to play and what exactly you needed to do. He wanted more disk space and a larger working memory than usual. But there are plenty of other options you can choose, such as a graphics card and a powerful processor. Not that I know what all this means, but my son explained that seamlessly.

Let’s play games

With my budget and his knowledge we started searching online and so my son put together his ideal game PC. He can now participate online again with his friends. But I also send him out every now and then. Being social on the computer is fun and important, but so are exercise and really meeting people. In this way both generations come together again!